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Every time your favorite athletes score, 


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Put your sports knowledge to work

Invest in professional athletic performance by trading Athlete Performance Tokens on our decentralized exchange powered by the Ethereum blockchain

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APTs are backed by the native AX coin which can be purchased and staked to earn AX rewards.

Athlete Performance Tokens (APTs) represent athletic performance. The price of an APT is based on an athlete's in-game statistics. Purchase Athlete Tokens with any ERC 20 cryptocurrency and trade them on our DEX

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Our Roadmap

Phase 1: Pre-Testnet

- Finalize AX tokenomics structure

- Integrate with Chainlink oracle

- AX presale

Phase 2: Testnet

- Launch smart contracts on Polygon

- Finalize staking contracts on DEX

- Begin prototype testing

Phase 3: Pre-Mainnet

- Launch AX coin on SushiSwap

- Setup AX - GYSR incentive pool

- Get listed on Coingecko

- Finalize DEX platform

Phase 4: Mainnet

- Launch DEX platform

- Release NFL APTs

- Initiate gamification

Phase 5: Post-Mainnet

- Release new sport APTs (NBA, MMA, Golf, Tennis, and much more)

- Get listed on centralized exchanges

- Launch mobile app


Leverage Your Sports Knowledge



Our DEX allows you to invest in athlete performance via Athlete Performance Tokens. In this game, your sports knowledge is your edge. Outsmart other traders, capitalize on your positions, and cash out in cryptocurrency


Frequently Asked Questions


What is the difference between Athlete Tokens and AthleteX Coin?

Athlete Tokens track the performance of a specific Athlete. Athlete Tokens have a value based entirely on statistical performance and have no affiliation with the individual Athlete. AthleteX coin is the liquidity denominator of the system. In other words, holders of AthleteX coin collateralize the circulating Athlete Tokens. In exchange for providing that liquidity, stakers earn interest paid weekly!

Do I need to own AthleteX Coin to trade Athlete Tokens?

Nope! You can ourchase Athlete Tokens with any ERC cryptocurrency

Do I need to be a crypto wizard to succeed in trading Athlete Tokens?

Nope! We make it simple. Check out our site to learn how to purchase Athlete Tokens without touching any crypto

What cryptocurrenies can I use to buy and sell Athlete Tokens?

Ethereum, USDC, and any other ERC cryptocurrency. Debit and Credit cards coming soon

Can I buy and sell Athlete Tokens with US dollars or other forms of centralized currency?

Not yet, register on our site so we can let you know when you can!

Can I demo trade before trading real assets?

Soon! Our system will be available on our testnet to try before putting real funds at stake. Register to be updated when we release our testnet!

Is exchange liquidity guaranteed? How?

Yes, traders can always purchase or sell their athlete tokens for the listed price as long as the system maintains its Collateralization Ratio. Exchange liquidity is guaranteed by participants who stake AthleteX Coin. The system preserves liquidity by maintaining a healthy balance of staked AX Coin and the total value of all issued Athlete tokens

What determines the value of Athlete Tokens?

An athlete’s Wins Above Replacement. Which answers the question: how many more wins is this player worth than a replacement level player? See more on how we calculate WAR on the Litepaper page

What happens when an Athlete gets injured?

Injuries are a part of the game. If an athlete gets injured, their statistical performance will plateau. At this point, the price of that athlete’s token is completely dependent on the replacement level athlete. If the league average athlete improves, the token will depreciate. And if the league-average declines then the token will be worth more

AX Coin

What do I get for owning AthleteX Coin?

You own a piece of the AthleteX community. This means you get your fair share of the commissions that are generated for the Exhange. And, you have a voice in our community. Coin holders can create and vote on proposals to list new sports, add new features, adjust rewards, and other community initiatives

Can I trade AthleteX Coin for other cryptocurrencies?

Soon! You will be able to exchange any ERC 20 coin for AthleteX coin on Uniswap

What determines the value of AthleteX Coin?

When users trade between Athlete Tokens there is a small fee taken on each trade (0.75%). Revenue from these fees is injected into the AthleteX token marketcap by swapping ‘fee currency’ for ‘AX coin’

Is the AthleteX Coin inflationary? Why?

Yes. To incentivize the stakers in the network. Similar to Ethereum’s model, this can be changed with majority vote from token holders as in EIP 1559 (link below)


What is AthleteX?

AthleteX is a platform where you can speculate on athlete performance. Using your edge in sports, you can buy tokens that represent an athlete and the value of their performance. Based on how that athlete performs relative to their league's average, their token will appreciate or depreciate in value. You can learn more about this on the Learn More page and in the Litepaper

What sports can I trade?

Right now only MLB players. In our next update, we’ll release token packages for the upcoming NFL, NBA, and Formula 1 seasons

How can I make money with AthleteX?

Two ways! - You can provide liquidity for Athlete Tokens. Once you purchase AthleteX coin you can stake it to earn dividends - You can trade Athelte Tokens. Head over to our exchange and pick the athlete who has a breakout game

Why should I use AthleteX?

Our exchange consists of tradable Athlete Tokens which are valued based solely on athletic performance. This allows you to speculate and trade these tokens based only on your sports knowledge and make money!


How do I become a Hall of Fame User?

By purchasing and staking AthleteX coin

What do I get for registering?

A pat on the back and a high five. Get Beta Access so you can start earning rewards as soon as we launch

How do I become an affliliate?

Contact our email to schedule a meeting:

How do I stay in the loop?

Join the conversation on telegram and follow us on our Social Media pages! You can find links to our social media pages on the Community page on this site



Register with your email to stay updated and claim early access to our mainnet app when it releases!